Anxiety is useful in certain situations, such as having adrenaline for a performance or completing tasks, however, sometimes anxiety can be experienced constantly, it can be debilitating and can effect functioning in every day life.

Anxiety is experienced on a spectrum and manifests itself differently for each individual. For me, I can personally feel a sense of dread without knowing why, a hesitant anticipation, sometimes impending doom. Sometimes my thoughts race and all I can hear is doubt and fear. Sometimes I have physical symptoms of anxiety, such as a tight chest, pounding, racing heart beat, difficultly catching my breath, body pains.

I have found developing a positive mind-set has reduced my anxiety, I have a routine that I do every morning, called ‘Miracle Morning’, by Hal Elrod, that helps get my mind focused about the day ahead.

I have battled depression and anxiety and the two together have caused much internal conflict. Depression tells me to “stay in bed, it’s not worth getting up”. Anxiety tells me “I have so much to do”, but I cannot put them in any type of order, so I freeze!

I have found passion planning, goal setting, using a to-do list and organising my day to be really beneficial. Setting realistic, achievable goals but with grace applied for when I am having a bad day is key.

I can go from flat with depression to hyper with anxiety, I can also experience feeling fatigue, headaches and nausea from over-thinking and over-analysing everything. I use meditation and quiet to allow my negative thoughts to go and get order over what I am thinking.

Writing a steam of unconscious thoughts in the morning and then binning it also helps. It helps remove unhelpful thought patterns by getting them all out on paper first thing, to make room for the flowers in your mind to blossom and grow. We either give energy to weeds or flowers, so it is important not to spend time and energy with the weeds.

What I feed myself through reading, social media and TV is also crucial to feeding anxiety or peace. I am careful about what I let in from the external environment. I use fresh air and exercise to help remove excess nervous energy. Exercise helps bring the body back in balance and brings connection of mind and body. Exercise and the outdoors is very grounding.

Nutrition and gut health is also key. I found Kombucha to be great for good gut bacteria and it tastes delicious. Listen to your body and trust it, your body will tell you what it needs.

There is some useful information on anxiety on the NHS website , also the charity MIND have some great resources.

Managing anxiety

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