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90 day detox SCRAPPED! 30 days to healthy living – here we go!

As some of you know, on the 9th March I started a 90 day detox challenge. It went well to begin with and then I fell off the wagon, was back on the wagon and back off again! I found it really hard to commit too. I think setting myself up for such a long […]


Day 20 of 90 day detox, staying motivated & focused during COVID19 & ‘The Compound Effect’

An honest reflection of how my healthy living challenge is going whilst we are in a global pandemic, why I am not cancelling my goals and how applying ‘The Compound Effect’ to my life is helping me stay focused and motivated.

4 steps to reclaiming your health & wellness after a mental health crisis

Going through a mental health crisis can be life altering and changing. I have been through multiple crises and have never come out unscathed. Most notable, tangible losses for me have included work and my driving licence. Loosing my driving licence has been incredibly difficult and has impacted my sense of independence, freedom and mobility. […]

Day 12 of healthy living & the power of prayer

So yesterday didn’t really happen, I fell off the healthy wagon and indulged. I think with all the COVID-19 news I ate for comfort. What I realised, is that food doesn’t fill what you really need. What I really needed was to acknowledge my anxiety and be kind to myself in other ways. I’m pleased […]

Day 20 – sweat & relaxation

Today, after a very sweaty gym session, I treated myself to a pedicure and massage. I was holding so much tension in my shoulders, I now feel as light as a feather. Massage is so good for you, helps with circulation, relaxation, stimulation of the lymphatic system (reducing fluid retention) and improved skin tone. I […]

Day 4 of detox and healthy living

My headaches have cleared, my skin is already looking clearer and brighter and I just got on the scales to find I’ve lost half a stone already!! This has given me such a boost this morning. One of the symptoms of detox is frequent urination – gosh I have pee’d a lot! I was retaining […]

Why am I doing this blog?….

I have spent most of 2019 in psychiatric hospitals and had no hope. I left the recent hospital I was in, believing there was absolutely no future for me, that all my life would be is just a revolving door from one hospital to the next. Or worse – I would die! Leaving my family […]

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