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90 day detox SCRAPPED! 30 days to healthy living – here we go!

As some of you know, on the 9th March I started a 90 day detox challenge. It went well to begin with and then I fell off the wagon, was back on the wagon and back off again! I found it really hard to commit too. I think setting myself up for such a long […]


Day 20 of 90 day detox, staying motivated & focused during COVID19 & ‘The Compound Effect’

An honest reflection of how my healthy living challenge is going whilst we are in a global pandemic, why I am not cancelling my goals and how applying ‘The Compound Effect’ to my life is helping me stay focused and motivated.

4 steps to reclaiming your health & wellness after a mental health crisis

Going through a mental health crisis can be life altering and changing. I have been through multiple crises and have never come out unscathed. Most notable, tangible losses for me have included work and my driving licence. Loosing my driving licence has been incredibly difficult and has impacted my sense of independence, freedom and mobility. […]

Day 9 of 90 days healthy living

Day 9 and feeling really good, feel like I have a glow from the inside out. I am more aware of GMO and processed foods, I am choosing organic and whole food options. Cutting out toxins is making every difference to how I feel in my body and mind. I know I would not go […]

Day 1 of 90 day detox

Today I started my 90 day mission to be healthy inside and out, loose weight, boost my mental health and energy, reduce inflammation in my body and get rid of smelly body odour issues that comes with having toxins in the body and being over weight. I started my day with a pint of water […]

Eating for health

I am so excited today, my healthy living pack arrived in the post and I am ready to embark on 90 days of healthy living. You may remember I did a 30 day detox from Dec – Jan and it worked tremendously well, with weight loss results and most importantly, improvements to my mental health […]

Day 30 – look how far you’ve come

I’m writing this post from my hotel bed, in Thailand! Albeit jet lagged and a bit concussed. I decided to walk into a glass door yesterday, a bit like a bird who thought it was an open space – the glass was so clean!! A small bump to my head is all that was endured. […]

Day 16 – we really are what we eat!

I survived a rough day and I have bounced back today. My bounce back ability is so much better now. Before, one bad day could have easily escalated into a bad week, a bad month. I’m much more in control of my mind now, rather than my mind controlling me. The detox is continuing to […]

What you think about – you leak out!

Yesterday, Christmas Day, was day 12 of my detox and I didn’t cave! I enjoyed my vegan, gluten free, sugar free, alcohol free Christmas Day. Food was a plenty! My dad is an amazing cook. Thanks Dad ❤️ Was so lovely to be with family. A couple of months back it could have been that […]

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