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Strip everything away

Twisting and turning I couldn’t see the way, everything so complicated in my mind, a haze! Then the simple truth of Jesus put me very straight. His truth is all I need, everything else can be stripped away. Come back to the beginning, to the basics, to the bread. When all things seem lost and […]


Peace amidst anxiety

Peace is not just the lack of war, but a state of being, an option to choose, something to go after; ‘Seek peace and pursue it’ (Psalm 34:14). Lately, I have been feeling turbulent, I have not felt fully peaceful in a while, my mental state has made this more difficult. Amidst anxiety, I have wondered […]

Love saves

My family and my friends love for me and my love for them, saves me every time. Love rescues me time and time again, pulling me off from the ocean floor. Love conquers and triumphs over all things. God is Love (1 John 4: 16). There is no fear in love,  but perfect love drives out […]

24hrs in The Priory

Last night my legs were ablaze, tossing and turning, my bed a maze. Not one wink for hours on hours, then suddenly bam! The power of the night hits with bad dreams and hallucinations on hand. I get through my midnight fight – then comes the bursting daylight, but I feel blue to my soul. […]

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