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About Fitness

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Fitness is important to overall health as it enables us to improve our health and wellness, with more effective lung function, oxygen flow around the body, better circulation, improved mental function, greater tone and body definition, improved capabilities to fulfil daily tasks, increased energy, reduces the risk of disease, improves mood, improves emotional regulation and sleep, improves organ function and hormone balance, and much more.

Fitness is made up of different components, such as aerobic fitness and anaerobic fitness. Someone could be a great weight lifter but could struggle with long distance running. Different fitness regimes suit different personalities and body types. The important thing is to find something that works for you, that you enjoy doing and that fits your lifestyle.

There’s something out there that is suitable for everyone, with various types of yoga, tai chi, martial arts, running programs, couch to 5k, cycling, swimming, the gym, various sports, walking, rowing. There is absolutely something for everyone and it is just a case of experimenting and seeing what you like. Everyone has to start somewhere and it can feel uncomfortable at first, even if you have been active in the past and getting back into it, it can be tough but the benefits are so worth it.

I put on a huge amount of weight for being in psychiatric hospitals and being on anti-psychotic medications. I use to be so fit and active, I even ran the London Marathon in 2012. I am now starting out again, I have been going to the gym and taking yoga classes, doing spin classes, which I love. I have a long way to go to be able to run 5k again, but I’m working on it and feeling the benefits of exercise in the process. It is helping with weight loss and tone, but most of all the benefits to my mental health have been enormous. It has given me a focus, a goal. When I am exercising I think of nothing else than being in the moment. It is great for grounding me and helping me feel connected to my body. It also helps me to relieve frustrations and anxiety.

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