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About Mental Health

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Mental health, like all other facets of health and wellness, is changeable, moveable and is on a spectrum from well/good to poor/unwell. Certain life events can trigger our mental health to be affected, sometimes chemical imbalances can cause a deterioration in our mental wellbeing.

Some people are more pre-disposed to suffering from poor mental health than others, due to genetics, life experiences, victims of trauma, poverty, housing, sense of community and other medical conditions or co-morbidities.

There is growing awareness of mental health and some great campaigns that have shown the spotlight on suicide awareness, such as ‘it’s OK not to be OK’ and ‘time to talk day’ . Statistically, the rate of suicides in the UK per year is increasing. Deaths by suicide rose by 10.9% in the UK in 2018 (The Samaritans)

It is really great to see organisations taking up the mental health first aid training that is being rolled out across England. NHS organisations are increasingly focusing on improving mental health services and more funding is being allocated, with overall mental health funding up £1.4 billion compared to 3 years ago.

I have suffered terribly with my mental health and have met so many other people that have had a rough time too. I have had different experiences in different psychiatric units, mostly more harmful than good. I really hope this blog goes to help in raising awareness, building a community that can draw on information, advice and guidance, share stories, inspire and educate others.

There is a lack of mental health recovery / rehab services / recovery pathways available to people, that is something I am passionate about seeing changed. I hope this wellness recovery blog can help in the cause to increase mental health recovery provision in England.

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