30 days to healthy living

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Image by Christine Sponchia from Pixabay

I have discovered, as the saying goes, that you really are what you eat. I have found my nutrition, my mental health and whole wellbeing to be evidentially linked. Our bodies need nourishment on a daily basis to provide us with the energy and vital nutrients that we need to be able to survive, thrive and function.

In particular, the 30 days to healthy living plan that I have followed has been transformative for my body and my mental health. Please see the videos below to see what happened on the 30 day plan.

Mental health and nutrition

Mental health and how the 30 day plan can help
30 day plan results – weight loss and improved mental health
30 days to healthy living. Before – half way – 30 day results

If you would like any advice on eating to transform your body, mental health and wellness, please get in contact, I would love to hear from you.

I would not be without my NutriBullet, I use it on a daily basis to make shakes, smoothies, juices and soups. It works quickly and is very easy and convenient to use.


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